My top 10 fine motor skill activities for toddlers

fine motor skill activities for tots

When my girl was a toddler, I encouraged her fine motor skill development with a myriad of activities. These fine motor skill activities for toddlers are naturally fun and engaging for a curious child and the best part is that it requires little or no preparation on your part (ok, you may have to part with some money to buy a couple of props but for the most part, you can find the items easily in your house). My girl was so engrossed in these fine motor skill activities that she easily spent at least 15min-30min on one activity. If your child is not ready for any of the activities, you should re-visit that activity a couple of weeks or months later. Some of these activities would require your close supervision (e.g. sorting beans), especially if your toddler is still mouthing items.

1. sorting activities – you could sort anything basically from beans to pegs to duplo pieces and according to sizes, colour, texture etc. and even do sorting during bath time! 🙂

Here are some ideas:

2. stringing beads

3. lacing – I made my own, but you could easily get these from shops as well.

4. tonging

5. scooping water

6. transferring rice grains/ alphabet pasta or even water!

7. shelling eggs – you and your child will get to eat the egg(s) too! For me, this egg-shelling activity paid off in the long run as she is my little helper when it comes to cooking our family’s favourite Tau Yu Bak (dark soy sauce stewed pork)!

8. slotting coins

9. pegging – need I mention that this will also be one of your favourite activities too when you bring out the laundry to hang! 🙂 Fine motor skill activity for your toddler while you get some housework done – the participation and ability to help in simple chores will give your little one a sense of achievement.

10. juicing– this will be one of the kids’ favourites! There’s even a reward after the activity!


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