Migration from Blogger – Site still in progress

You may have noticed a major change when you clicked on http://www.simplymommie.com today. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – I have changed the look of the blog and that’s because I’ve just migrated the blog over to a self-hosted wordpress site.

It’s still under construction – pages aren’t all in place and there are broken links to fix. Do bear with me these couple of days while I set things right. Meanwhile, you can browse as before: posts are all imported over albeit with a few broken links here and there 🙂

The eventual look will probably only be complete, latest by the end of November, though I don’t think it’d take so long. I’ve hired a web designer to design a custom look (sounds so cool, right?) and I’m looking forward to having a spanking new blog with the good old posts, still.

And I still can’t believe that I actually managed to do all the technical stuff I did today, to point my DNS to the new host, migrate the blog over, install plugins that I’ve been reading so much about etc. and I really couldn’t have been able to understand all these without the help of a dear friend who blogs over at Dominique’s Desk! Thanks a million!

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