Lil Man turns 1!

Had a very simple birthday celebration for my lil Alex on Sunday – just cake-cutting with the family. Fortunately I snapped quite a few photos before all the family members arrived because as usual, Alicia had a melt-down during cake-cutting and we couldn’t get any proper family photos after that – a crying girl in the picture doesn’t quite make the cut.

Anyway, this post is to share the joy that my lil man turned 1!

The men in my life~!

My precious is 1!!

Giving him a tight squeeze!

A photo of the girls!

Erm, a supposedly artistic shot – but I love this photo v much! layered effect though a little blur

Giving the birthday boy the attention!

See?! She was sooo happy before the melt-down

Daddy trying very hard to get Alex’s attention to look at the cam

After many tries, we obviously still failed

candle is lighted

See little Miss Grouchy?

Never mind, mummy cuts the cake with Alex

There! The cake-cutting is over and the kids are off to play!


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2 Responses to Lil Man turns 1!

  1. B@bYh|r0Sh| says:

    Happy birthday little man…. the cake is awesome!

  2. Sweetday says:

    Happy Birthday, Alex!

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