Celebrating our children – Rediscovering the world through their little eyes

My dear ‘A’s,

You have made the world so colourful for me and you are constantly teaching me, every day, that even the simplest things in life can be special in your little eyes. Putting in and taking things out of a container can bring you great satisfaction, a silly old box can transform to a million things in your imagination and just so you know, I’ll willingly be bandaged here and there every day while you pretend to be Dr. Ng.

I love to watch the two of you play, whether you are playing together or alone, there is always that look of wonder and curiosity in your eyes and your faces. Where does the cup go when you throw it off the high chair? You look inquisitively around the floor for the hundredth time while I wonder how the cup survives all your torture while you discover gravity.

You have taught me that squatting down and watching ants haul their food back to their nest can be such joy, though watching you in deep thought as you wonder about the ants is more fascinating to me. And you have made me realise that it is possible for the heart to almost burst from contentment overload while picking seashells with you by the beach. You have taught me to slow down my pace and take in the simplest sights and find happiness in that simplicity.

I love that innocent love you have for people, for me. My heart melted the instant when I asked you what you’d do when you grow taller and stronger and you answered without hesitation, you’d wash the dishes, for me. What else will you do, I probe. And you think for just a moment and answer, you will cook… and iron the clothes for me. Apparently, you have noticed all that I have been doing for you and I think you must have equated that with love. It touches my heart to know that despite your young age, you have it in you to want to help your dear mummy out with the mundane stuff, some day when you grow bigger. I hope you keep your promise.

You know, watching how your hair moves when the wind blows, no matter how short or little hair you both have, can bring me a sense of contentment, just knowing that you both are here, with me. And I love to smell your little heads too, no matter how smelly your hair is (by the way, I love smelling those smelly toes too!), though I really prefer to smell your heads after a good bath when I’m reading you your story. Who would have thought that such smells can evoke strong feelings of love? You don’t know of course that I’m secretly enjoying myself sniffing at your head in between reading the story for you. I often wonder how many more years of such pleasure I will have, of you sitting in my lap while I sniff your hair and read you a good book. But let’s put that thought aside, I just want to enjoy that moment for now.

Most of all, thank you both for showing me that simplicity is happiness and that is the way we should live our lives. I realise now that I made the right choice when I made ‘rediscovering the world through their little eyes’ as my tag line when I created this blog, because that is the way it has been thus far with you two little imps showing me the world I thought I knew, through your untainted lenses of pure innocence and love.

You are the love of my life!

What have your children taught you about life?



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