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Joining in the fun with my fellow mom bloggers, sharing a day in my life! A day in the life of a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) with young children is I suppose different from a sahm with more grown children! (Click the link to read my updated 2015 routine.)

Now don’t go yawning there! It’s not an exciting life as a sahm but it’s still fulfilling! 🙂

Little one is on my bed when I wake in the morning. He must have trudged over to my bed in the middle of the night. Wait, that was me. I trudged over to his cot and brought him over in the middle of the night and he whined many times in the night and I can’t remember if I nursed him every time he did. Teething pains I tell myself as I feel every bit like a zombie. This.too.shall.pass.


I walk over to my girl’s bed and is greeted by my messy sleeper *smile*

Head to the service balcony to keep the clothes for folding

and set the new load to wash

Time to boil some water to replenish the water in the house

While the water’s boiling, I sweep the floor with my 3M easy sweeper. It’s better than my little vacuum cleaner which I used to use – at least no one is woken up when I use it –

As usual, I forget to pour the boiling water into the thermos flask so I have to reboil several times. But eventually things get done and I set out my brekkie.

Little boy will share the bread with me.

I don’t sit to eat my breakfast as I multi-task and start preparing to cook Alicia’s brunch and Alex’s porridge for lunch.

Baby wakes. Usually with a huge parcel for me.

Girl wakes and they both get to watch some TV while eating their brunch/brekkie

I shout at her to eat faster now and then, but it doesn’t seem to work. She carries on munching real slowly like a food connoisseur. I yawn, wait, then shout again. Finally the food’s finished and we dress for school. I mean, I dress her for school, I wear whatever I’m wearing and we head out to take a bus in the sweltering heat, hoping that we didn’t miss the bus again.

We wait at the bus stop for the silly bus.

Little boy fools around during lunch – as usual I multi-task and I eat my lunch, feed him, catch up on Facebook and check my email

And when he finally finishes, it’s time to see that little cute bum and then it’s milk time! Waiting for me to lie down next to him for his feed:

Knocked out. I win, as usual.

Then it’s time to rest. Kidding! Time to clean up the sink!

Boil barley water for the family:

Do some dinner preparation:

Then I get to sit down for awhile – an hour? Nah, just 10-20 minutes. 30 if I get lucky that day!

Girl comes home, bathes and snacks then she gets free play for awhile before it’s story time and off to la-la land. I send her to bed and close the door and *hope* she sleeps. Most days I walk in and find her still playing in my bed but after a few stern warnings, she drifts off into deep sleep.

I’d cooked the porridge for Alex’s dinner and he gets some ‘reading’ during dinnertime.

Make him take his evening nap and I set off to cook dinner and hubby usually comes back at this point or after dinner’s cooked.

Dishes for the night. That’s white button mushrooms (one of hubby’s fav dishes), a tofu dish (for alicia) and her fav vegetables. Chilli prawns are definitely ours.

Yes, I know it’s aplenty of food for just 2 adults and a kid. But we are big eaters.

Boy stirs before we get to touch our food. Hubby goes to pacify him while I clean up the stove, clear the dishes used for food prep and the wok

 and mop the oily floor

And we get to sit down to eat eventually.

And then hubby makes me a cuppa 🙂

and offers to do the remaining dishes:

while I feed the girl and little boy just goofs around

After dinner, it’s homework time from school (this doesn’t happen every day, about 3x a week). If it’s no homework, we get to do some craft, have a piano lesson etc.

She managed to fit in a wee bit of time to practise her piano today while we eat our fruits.

Kids get changed into jammies and she wants to do pretend play tonight:

while little boy goes on exploratory ‘walks’

but eventually returns to mess up the place play with his sister

Then it’s time to divide and conquer: hubby reads to the girl while I breastfeed the boy and after lots of nagging hugs and kisses, the kids are off to sleep.

Finally, it’s time for myself! This is when I play some silly games, catch up on Facebook or blog on my phone in bed. Usually that’s just writing some snippets as I’m still too used to writing on the comp. Yup, so if you do see a long post from me, it’s probably taken a few nights of writing or I’ve woken up really early to do it. So must read, ok?

Then I go to sleep. Of course, the hubby is already snoring sleeping 🙂
Goodnight, world. I’m gonna get 1-2 hours of sleep before night duty starts…
Joining in the fun:

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