Lil man turns 11 months today

See that toothy wide smile?

That’s my 11-month-old!

Updates on the lil man’s life:

  • His 3 teeth are much more visible now though the last front tooth is still pushing its way through.
  • He gave up on porridge somewhere mid-10mths only to come back to porridge some time last week.
  • While porridge was relegated to the hate-to-eat list, he ate rice(!), yummy mashed potato, pasta stars with pasta sauce, pasta stars in stock and mee sua in stock.
  • He has started on wolfberries which I steam with his cod (he grew a lil weary of the plain steamed cod).
  • Now that he’s back to porridge, he’s eating double his portion prior to stopping porridge. I’ve not brought back pumpkin or sweet potato to his diet for the moment though.
  • He’s officially snacking on organic puffs and vegetable crackers for crawlers.
  • Gross motor skills: He can stand unsupported for a few seconds! Sometimes he doesn’t even realise it as he’s too engrossed in his activity. 😛
  • He’s showing great understanding of the world around him – he knows when to wave goodbye and even add a badly-pronounced babyish ‘bye bye’, he can respond to questions and instructions (e.g. Where’s your water bottle? – He would look around for the bottle and point/crawl towards it and he’s even said ‘there, there’ (again, badly pronounced) while he points at the bottle for a few times; go and drink your water – he’d move to his bottle for a drink).
  • He loves clapping to the beat and would shake his bum bum to the music (while seated too!)
  • He can click his tongue(!)
  • He calls his sister ‘cheh cheh’ (meaning elder sister)
  • He calls mama, mama when looking for me! (I heard a ‘mummy’ twice!)
  • He’s unfortunately still not sleeping well through the night… sigh.

So what did I do to make him smile so cheerfully? Just calling his name and speaking in a cute mum-sy tone! That’s all it takes to make a baby smile!!! 🙂

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