Para’Kito™ mosquito repellent review & giveaway

I actually received this Para’Kito™ kit some time back but am only posting the review now as I was so caught up with shifting to our new place. Now that we’ve settled down comfortably, I brought out the Para’Kito™ once hubby announced that he was going night cycling with my girl – night cycling with a 4-year-old simply means cycling around the neighbourhood and the park connector at night.

Don’t go imagining the late night 50km cycling trips peppered with prata stops and teh si on the way. 🙂

The Para’Kito™ clip in the packaging
The Para’Kito™ clip and pellet (still in packaging)
The Para’Kito™ clip with pellet inserted
The Para’Kito™ clip hanging on our bicycle

So what is Para’Kito™, you ask.

About the product

  • Para’Kito™ is natural mosquito protection in refillable Para’Kito™ fashionable wristbands and clips.
  • Para’Kito™ pellets are chemical (DEET) free and suitable for pregnant women and young children.
  • The pellets are waterproof and last for 15 days.
  • Not having to come into direct contact with the product means that it is suitable even for individuals susceptible to skin allergies and irritations.

How it works

  • Para’Kito™ diffuses a blend of essential oils that are extracted from plants which wards off mosquitoes.
  • Its waterproof property allows you to be protected from mosquitoes in heavy rain, or even during a swim.

The design

  • Para’Kito™ wristbands come in a range of bold colours including blue, fuchsia, yellow, orange, black and white.
  • Para’Kito™ is also available in clips in a range of colours which can be attached to clothing, hand luggage, strollers or in my case (the bicycle!).
Country of origin:
  • Para’Kito™ pellets are made in France.
Cost and availability
  • Wristbands and clips (with two pellets) retail from SGD 26.50 while the packs of two refill pellets retail at SGD 14.90.
  • Para’Kito™ is available worldwide and at 44 outlets in Singapore – Robinsons, OG and Mothercare, just to name a few.
My Review:

What I like about it:

I like that it’s compact and most importantly does not need to come into contact with skin. With a little baby and a preschooler, I prefer using products that are formulated for sensitive skin in mind in general. Para’Kito™ is even better because it doesn’t even need to come into contact with my children’s skin in order to protect them. Hanging it on the stroller also means that as long as we are in close proximity, the Para’Kito™ kit would protect even the adults! 🙂

What can be improved:

The cost of the pellets is a little high, retailing at SGD14.90 for two refill pellets. If you are not those who love the outdoors, then buying the pellets for one outing once in a blue moon would probably not be your cup of tea. Of course, you can hang the Para’Kito™ clip in the room for protection from mosquitoes at home after that (which is what we are currently doing while we plan the next outing).

Did my hubby and lil girl come back without any mozzie bites after their trip out to the park connector? – I hear you ask. You can be sure they came back unscathed 🙂

Want to win one of these Para’Kito™ clips/ wristbands?

3 wristbands and 3 clips are up for grabs! (products include 1 pellet)

How to enter
To enter this giveaway, simply follow ALL three steps below:

(1) Like Simply Mommie’s Facebook page (skip this step if you have already Liked my page).

(2) Share this blog post on your facebook page (Share button can be found at the end of this blog post, the one in a bar of social media icons together with twitter etc. Tag my FB page so that I know you did. For those unsure, to share you just have to copy and paste this blog post link on your Facebook status.)

(3) Leave a comment on this blog post once you are done or send an email to

That’s all! 

But wait…

Additional chances of winning:

  • Follow Simply Mommie’s blog (Join as a public follower) – if you are an existing follower, you get the extra chance too (please indicate the name you used in your comment/email)
  • Blog about this giveaway (please provide me the URL of your blogpost when you drop me the email)
Who can enter
  • This giveaway is open to only those with a residential address in Singapore.
Contest duration
  • It will run from 15 Aug – 31 Aug 2012 (2359hrs). 

Other information

  • Announcement of winners will be on 3 Sept 2012 on Simply Mommie’s Facebook page. 
  • I will contact winners for the giveaway contest for your address and submit your particulars to the company. Thereafter the company will send you your Para’Kito™ clip/ wristband.
  • Each winner is only entitled to either a wristband OR a clip.

For more information about Para’Kito™ , please visit

Disclosure: I received a Para’Kito™ clip and one pellet for the review.

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