My little artist

Alicia came home with an assignment a few days back and she said she was to draw anything she wanted. I asked her what she wanted to draw and she said she wanted to draw a boat.

And this is the final product:

She did the drawing, the decorating and painting on her own!
And she just turned 4 in July! 😛

What I did was to show her a picture of a simple boat (from her brother’s singlet: pic below) and I got her to observe the lines and shapes to draw. After her boat was done then she added in the extra kiddy touches of the smiling sun and the clouds. She worked with oil pastels and poster colour for this piece of work. 🙂 And we added in the jewel stickers after everything was done.

After her fabulous performance at observation and demonstrating the ability to translate what she sees to paper (and her bugging me to sign her up for art class), I’ve decided to enrol her for art lessons at HeART Studio (read my review here) and we’re starting tomorrow! 🙂


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  1. She's really good! I think our girls are of the same age? I don't think she can do this yet. Nice artwork!

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