Things to be thankful for… and updates

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long while now and am finally getting down to it. 🙂

Things to thank God for:

(1) good health and strength to take care of Alicia while being pregnant
(2) strength to go about the daily chores and cooking for the family
(3) my hubby for helping out when he can
(4) my little God-sent angel Alicia, who is so understanding and sensitive to mummy’s needs now, always letting me rest when I need to while she plays or works on something on her own
(5) the right number of chromosomes present in little Alex (had to go for CVS in the 13th week as the blood test component of the Oscar test was not good)
(6) a good report for little Alex’s growth (just went for my detailed scan on 4/6) – all structures are in place and he’s an average-sized baby as of now 🙂

I have a low-lying placenta though this time round – it’s supposed to be fairly common for subsequent pregnancies. In majority of cases, the placenta moves up when the womb develops so I’m praying that mine will move up too – though I already do plan to have a C-section this time. The previous natural birth attempt was just too traumatising (which in the end ended up as an emergency C-sect), so I’m just opting to go under the knife – might as well!

As this pregnancy was actually an unplanned one, I was filled with lots of apprehension earlier on about how I’d cope with pregnancy and looking after a tot. I’m just so glad that I’ve been blessed thus far and how everything is working out fine. I think I’m most thankful for little Alicia, who is so sensible for her age! 🙂 In fact I was telling my hubby, if little Alex turns out to be as sensible as Alicia, I don’t mind having more children (alright, just one more)!

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2 Responses to Things to be thankful for… and updates

  1. Congratulations and may you have a smooth pregnancy! I'm at 18th week now, so going through a similar phase as you. All the best! 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks! 🙂

    Have a smooth pregnancy too!

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