Bumwear-free days! – The potty training success story

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed Alicia wearing Bumwear (cloth diapers) in the photos before, but we started her on cloth diapers since she was two weeks old and she has ditched them since last Wednesday. Yippee!

When I was pregnant with Alicia, we made the decision to save the environment by using less disposable diapers (reserving them only for long naps when she grew older and when she slept through the night). We even tried letting her wear cloth diapers when we went out – but after awhile it got a bit cumbersome, especially when she poos so we caved in to the disposable diaper again for trips out. Other than those situations, Alicia’s been always in her bumwear and yes, we’ve been faithfully washing the cloth diapers for 2.5 years!

I started Alicia on the potty since she was 3mths+, just bringing her to potty now and then and she’d pee sometimes. Lots of hits and misses along the way then at some point in time, she started to not want the potty so we stopped. Then we bought a new potty when she was older and tried again. She went through plenty of love-hate phases with this potty and eventually when she turned two, we bought a toilet seat for her, thinking that she may want to imitate us instead of sitting on the potty. Again, it made her happy to sit there for awhile, going through the motions of sitting, but not actually going about doing her business. After awhile, I decided to go radical and just let her wear a panty instead of bumwear but it failed. I tried every couple of months though but it never worked out.

Then last Wednesday after soiling two bumwears, one after the other in less than 10minutes – I told her that was it. Anyway I’ve found that sometimes she pees so much at a time or the pee gushes out so fast that the pee leaks from the bumwear, and even disposable diapers recently and hence, I really felt it was time for her to really learn to be potty-trained. And so after a very hard day of scolding and smacking ass, she quickly learnt by Wednesday night – yes, that very night – that she had to go to the potty to pee/poo.

One day of real toilet-training and that’s that. 🙂

I’m so happy! No more washing bumwears till the next babe arrives!! 🙂

Here’s some information about toilet-training in case you need it (and you’re not willing to be an ass-smacker like me) 😛

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  1. skinnybeanie says:

    I am just trying to potty train mine at 21 months. Today was day 2, he had 1 hit and 2 misses. He looked visibly pleased and proud of his hit and we also made a big deal out of it.. not too shabby for a baby that always did not mind soiled diapers..

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