Matching upper and lower case (with stickers)

Alicia chanced upon some stickers a few days back and insisted she wanted to stick them somewhere. Since she was intent on using the stickers, I decided that I should not just let the stickers go to waste… hence this on-the-spot activity! 😛
It’s a simple activity that anyone can do up and it requires little preparation so it’s great for parents strapped for time. 🙂 I first came across a similar activity at Activity Mom so when Alicia asked to play with stickers, I immediately decided that it was time to try this activity out with her.
All you need:
  • a piece of paper – preferably not in the colour of any of the stickers you’re using (I used a scrap piece of construction paper 🙂 )
  • markers
  • pen
  • liquid paper or silver pen (optional – for writing on dark coloured stickers (I didn’t have it on hand, if not I’d have used it))
  • labelling stickers

Simply write the upper/ lower case letters on the paper and draw a circle around each alphabet and write a set of alphabets (upper/lower case) on the stickers. Here I wrote the upper case on the paper and the lower case on the stickers but you can choose to do it the other way round. It really depends on what your focus is.
The extra marks on the paper are Alicia’s doodles – she wanted to draw on the paper when she saw me writing!

Get your tot to pick out any letter on the paper then look for the matching alphabet on the stickers. (That’s a lot simpler than looking for the alphabet on the paper since the letters are all mixed up!)

 Stick it on!

The next two photos were taken by Alicia! I thought they captured quite a nice angle of the materials we used for the activity though they were a bit blurry….

Well, it’s normal that your tot can’t sit through all 26 letters! The activity can always be revisited and completed over a few days! 🙂
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