Learning to count with ice-cubes

Alicia doesn’t really like numbers or math for that matter… so I try to vary the way I teach her how to count.

Here’s an activity I did with her about two weeks ago: counting coloured ice-cubes.

What you need:

  • ice-cubes in two colours (colour of ice-cubes are up to your preference: I had 6 blue and 6 red ice-cubes)
  • a couple of scoops
  • two big bowls or two basins
  • a rag (just in case)

Set up the activity as shown:

Besides the obvious fun the tot derives from scooping ice-cubes (read: improving fine motor skills) and counting ice-cubes as your tot scoops each one over to the other basin, you can also give specific instructions to your tot such as ‘scoop a blue ice-cube for mummy’ or ‘scoop two red ice-cubes’. 
Questions you can ask (for math): 
(after scooping 2 blue ice-cubes and 1 red ice-cube) 
‘how many blue/red ice-cubes are there (in the new basin)?’ 
‘how many ice-cubes are there altogether?’
(after scooping 1 or 2 more ice-cubes) 
‘How many ice-cubes are there now altogether?’
You can get your tot to touch ice-cubes as well for the tactile experience.
Once the ice-cubes start melting and the colours start to mix, you can talk about colour changes (science).

Weird pose!

She enjoys pouring the water and ice-cubes after she’s scooped all the ice-cubes over
And she repeats the activity over and over………..
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