Learning Mandarin: Colours

Alicia used to dislike Mandarin but she’s started to pick it up a bit more readily. I thought it was time to revisit some of the learning aids I made for her earlier so that’s what we did since about two weeks back. 🙂

I got her to remove all the chinese word cards from the bilingual learning aids (for colours) and I got her to repeat the chinese words after me. I placed paper clips on each of the chinese word cards and she’d do the fishing using the fishing rod from the fishing learning aid I made for her earlier. After she ‘caught’ the card, we’d read the words together again before she placed it back on the cards (on the wall).
Look at the happy girl, learning Mandarin! lol.

One of her strange poses… with the fishing rod in her hand





I shan’t bore you with more photos, but I’m sure you can see how happy she is doing this simple activity from the photos! 🙂 *happy mummy*
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