Fun with syringes

Alicia was down with flu earlier in the year and she’s since been hooked on syringes – she even requests for water to be fed via syringe sometimes, long after she recovered from flu! Well, as long as water gets into that little mouth, that’s more important for me! 😛
Since she loves syringes, I thought well, why not just let her play with them and figure out how syringes work? It makes a great activity for her since she loves waterplay and syringes have just become the newest addition to the little basin!
All you need is a small tub of water, a couple of syringes and you’re good to go! 🙂 
Learning to use a syringe can be really interesting for a tot – learning the mechanics of getting the water into the syringe and of course, their favourite part would be to ‘shoot’ the water out from it! 
My little one posing for cam:

Done with posing, she’s getting ready for the activity

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