Scooping, funnelling and pouring

I’ve finally recovered from gastric flu and the best news (for me) is that I can finally drink coffee/tea again! It was terrible being unable to take coffee/tea due to the bad tummy because I kept getting very bad headaches (sometimes causing nausea) from not being able to take the daily dose of caffeine. 
That aside, I finally can get down to blogging about some really backdated stuff and here’s the first of the lot.
Made some coloured ice using food colouring the other day for this activity:
Simply mix a drop of the colouring (depending on how dark you want the colour to be) with some water in a mug then pour the coloured water into the icecube tray and wait for it to set in the freezer.
This activity is best conducted on a hot day but it’s also ok otherwise. 🙂
The initial setup:
Get your tot to name the colour of the icecubes first and touch the icecubes (sensory)
You could get your tot to help with placing the icecubes into the basin of water if she’s open to the idea then let her have some fun stirring the icecubes in the water and watching them melt – and the colour change. 
Remember to draw attention to the change in colour as the coloured ice melts.
I’ll be using different colours the next time round for a different colour combi. 🙂
I tasked hubby to buy funnels the other day and here’s what he got from NTUC:
3 different-sized plastic funnels
Daddy demonstrates scooping the water into the bottle via the funnel:
Getting a little help from daddy at first
Scooping on her own – and she could in fact scoop water into even the narrow-neck bottles without the help of the funnel… 
Here’s where the pouring comes in! When the bottles are all full! 
Do over! 😛
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  1. love the idea! sure gonna try this at home! :))

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