Cotton ball sheep craft – handprint keepsake

I’m always looking out for how to recycle used items and here’s a simple craft idea to put the “tong-ed” out-of-shape cotton balls to use! What better way to do that than make a cute cotton ball sheep craft?

*activity conducted on 28 Oct*

I found this (free) template of a sheep from here.

1. Trace your child’s hand and cut out the shapes:

2. Arrange and stick the pieces together to form a sheep

3. Get your tot to apply the glue on the sheep:

 baa baa blue sheep? 😛 It’s a special glue stick that’s blue but dries clear! She was intrigued much! 

 4. Tear the cotton ball into small bits with tot. This is great for fine motor skills!

 5. Stick away!

The completed project!:

cotton ball sheep craft

This is a wonderful keepsake as it has your child’s handprint as part of the craft… remember to write down the date on the back of the sheep! 🙂

This craft idea can be done annually to collect your child’s handprint as she grows up! Have fun! 🙂

We like to do Christmas handprint trees for keepsakes too!


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