Pretend play – kitchen set

Since Alicia’s very into pretend play these days and she’s always pretending to cook, we decided to get her a kitchen set. She already has a mini-kitchen set but we feel that she’d appreciate a toddler-sized one now – since she has shown great interest in my niece’s kitchen set every time she goes over to my mum’s place.

I’d say there couldn’t have been a better time to want to buy a kitchen set because it so happened that Toys R Us was having a major discount on the kitchen set that we wanted! The usual price is $139.90 but we only paid $79.90! 😛

It’s the plasticky type of kitchen playset, not the sturdy type. But apart from that, I’d say this set is really adequate and fulfils all the little one’s needs for (kitchen) pretend play. The stove has lights and ‘cooking sounds’ when the knobs are turned on and the set comes with accessories like cups, plates, pots, cutlery… and together with all the rest of the ‘food’ and pots from other masak sets, we’ve enough to throw a tea party. 😀 Plus there are various ways to assemble this kitchen set so there’re plenty of opportunities to change the arrangement of the cupboard, stove and shelves should she get bored! (And she has since re-assembled it a couple of times already)

Here’s Alicia with her kitchen set (and some of her masak masak):

Standing proud by her new kitchen set

Fiddling with the tap

 Turning on the stove

 The busy cook

 Hello there! Do you like my kitchen? 😛

 Turning on the ‘tap’

 Washing up…

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