Pretend play – doll house

I’ve been so busy of late that I’ve hardly had time to turn on the computer, and even if I do turn on the comp, I’d be busy doing up some GP stuff – that, of course explains why I haven’t been blogging. As I type, I’m having a queasy, upset tummy so I shall keep things short and sweet…
Here’s a long overdue post – Alicia’s Children’s Day pressie from maternal grandma and grandaunt: a doll house!
Well, Alicia has always been fascinated with her cousin’s doll house and would always play with it at my mum’s place so they decided to get her one too. Alicia was naturally elated! 🙂
Setting up the doll house with grandaunt
Things happened so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the doll house in the packaging! lol.

Alicia’s favourite character is… the DOG! lol.
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