Fun with little fingerprints

On one of my excursions to Tiong Bahru Plaza with Alicia, I picked up this interesting book from Popular. Actually I thought there might be a story instead of merely instructions in the book but as it turned out, it’s really quite pictorial – showing how to draw interesting pictures of people and modes of transport with fingerprints and some doodling, step by step.

I’ve always been interested in getting non-toxic inkpads so when I saw this, I thought it was rather ideal. It costs $11.90, and comes with the inkpad.

Well, we were rather disappointed when we tried to use the inkpad as well, an inkpad. Only Alicia seemed to be able to get some ink on her fingers! After trying out for awhile, we realised that the trick was not to press the finger on the pad but to swipe the finger across it. lol.

Well, hubby had quite some fun with her that day and here’s the completed masterpiece! 😛

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