Fun with cookie cutters (II)

It has been some time since I last used my cookie cutters as I don’t bake cookies (no one in the family is a cookie monster and really, we would rather spend the calories on something else) and I’ve been just cooking Alicia’s sweet potato with the porridge.

However, the other day I decided to give her some sweet potato on the spur of the moment so I thought it was time to revive the cookie cutters and let Alicia have a go at using them – it’s her first time! It’s quite good practice for hand-eye coordination for the little one! And she gets to eat what she made – that’s achievement for a little girl I guess. lol.

 I demonstrated what to do with the cookie cutters first

and she’s ready to go!
Yummy! I think they taste better when I cut them myself! lol.

 chomp chomp…

 She enjoyed the activity more than the eating bit… 😛 But well, that’s my girl.

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