Stenciling fun on the doodle board

Alicia has been doodling on this board for many months now but it’s only a couple of months back that I found this stencil that came along with the board while I was rummaging through the drawer. 😛 
It totally slipped my mind to take photos of her writing the alphabets and I finally did so a few days back!
Here she is, my little busy bee!

I bought this doodling board for only $20+ at John Little at Marina Square when she was very young. It comes with this stencil as well as some colouring pages. Before she started working on the stenciling, she was doodling on it with the pen and the different-shaped stamps.

If you notice, at the top of the board, there are four panels and a little worm (Slimey), and you can actually turn that in a circular motion and the images in the four panels will change accordingly. That’s fascinating for younger tots and a great way to practise fine motor skills for the older tots. 🙂

All in all, it’s a great learning tool for pre-school kids and a great way to introduce to the tot how to write the alphabets and numbers. Even better if your child is a fan of Sesame Street characters like Alicia 🙂

Anyway, Alicia knows her alphabets already so I’d just sit back and watch her practise writing and listen to her name her alphabets and numbers… I simply love to see her concentrating real hard on an activity 🙂

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