Playdoh fun

While shopping for a birthday present for a tot the other day, we came across this set of playdoh and we decided to get it for Alicia.

Available at Tom & Stephanie, this snackbar playdoh set is retailing at $12.90 and I’d say it’s really worth the money!

There are five bottles of different-coloured dough provided (white, blue, yellow, green and red) and you can mix the colours to obtain more different-coloured dough.

As with other playdohs, don’t leave the dough exposed to air for too long as it will dry up, so make sure they are kept well in the bottles after playing. This dough is slightly scented but I’d say it’s still within limits and not too over-powering.

Alicia was naturally excited about her new toy and she kept bugging us to open it up for her and we did so on Saturday night:


Tot in action!

Alicia’s played with playdoh before when she was attending class at Julia Gabriel but I think back then she was too young to appreciate it. Now that she’s older, she tries to play with the dough:, kneading it, cutting it with various objects found in the set, making patterns from the moulds provided and basically just tearing it apart after awhile. 😛 More practice for fine motor skills 🙂
Naming colours has become part of her daily activity for a long while and with the recent focus on colours in both languages, I decided that I’d label the bottles of dough!
So the bottles of dough all get labels slapped on them and this time by using white labels, it really forces her to practise word recognition. Hee. Hope she gets a hang of it soon. She learns so fast these days…!
Apart from making a simple sunny-side-up (which Alicia kept trying to feed to her stuffed toys), here are some pretty little things you can make with the dough:

Alicia was role-playing birthday celebrations with these two cuties:

The dough in perspective!:

That’s how small the little ‘cakes’ are coz the hand in the pic is Alicia’s! 🙂

Note: Not suitable for kids who still like to mouth things.
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2 Responses to Playdoh fun

  1. I bought the mini kitchen set. But my boy loves food and putting stuff into his mouth, so I'm certain he'd want to eat the playdoh “food”. Ha… Can only pretend play with the equipment without the dough.

  2. Angie says:

    Lol… never mind, can start playing with the dough when he's older and stops mouthing things 😀

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