More unethical behaviour…

Today I received an sms from my friend, saying that someone just PM-ed her at SMH about cheap, educational learning aids.

After I shared the link with one of my friends who is very resourceful about online preschool learning materials, she told me that the person was selling free printables!

I’m not sure if that person knows that it’s unethical to sell free printables. But I’m sure there are many who will find the learning aids cute and unknowingly purchase free printables, thinking they stem from that person’s creativity juices.

This is just so saddening and it sickens me just thinking how people could actually stoop to selling free printables just to hop onto the bandwagon of selling learning aids, now that it seems that there is such a market for the products (though a very small one).

Personally I could not identify any of the learning aids the person is selling because I hardly surf around for them. Most of the time I create my own learning aids from scratch, not because I don’t like what’s easily available but because I love the challenge of making something of my own. I like to customise my learning aids for my daughter and I know her best, and what captures her attention. 🙂

Well, after my BP at SMH, I really am disappointed with unscrupulous people and it has opened my eyes to the harsh reality of the business world. I’m definitely not suited for such a world, it seems.

If people can stoop to selling free printables, what’s there to stop them from plagiarising other people’s learning aids and passing them off for their own?

I really should think twice about posting my learning aids online then… 🙁

As for that person… I shan’t stop her from doing what she thinks is right. I can only hope that she will come to realise her mistakes soon.

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