The letter E lapbook

The letter E lapbook consists of:

(i) the letter E collage
(ii) elephant threading learning aid
(iii) eagle puzzle
(iv) elephant colouring page cum activity sheet (free printables):

After colouring, paste the paper on a piece of cardboard (cereal box) then cut out the little circle. Place your first finger into the hole and it becomes the lil elephant’s trunk! 🙂

(v) accordion mini-book about elephants (free printables)

Print out the template then allow the child to do the colouring. Cut out the four individual pieces and stick them onto cardboard. Tape accordingly to make the accordion mini-book! 🙂

(vi) numbers 8 and 11 colouring pages (free printables)

Items 1-3 can be viewed here.

We had so much fun doing all the activities! 🙂

Here’s how the lapbook looks like:

The cover:
I used velcro to attach the elephant threading learning aid to the cover of the lapbook so that it can be removed easily when necessary.

The interior:
On the left of the file:
I attached the envelope containing the collage pics and words with tape.
The elephant craft is attached with a piece of velcro.
The eagle puzzle is stored in a recycled plastic bag (used to contain the strips of velcro) and the bag is attached with tape. The eagle puzzle can be removed from the bag easily as there is an opening in the bag.
On the right of the file:
Elephant minibook is attached with velcro.
Her art work are attached to the file with glue but I only glued half of the top piece so that the bottom piece can still be viewed. 🙂
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