The letter D lapbook

The letter D lapbook comprises of:

(i) Duck-egg counting game

Duck egg+counting+game The letter D lapbook

(ii) the letter D collage

Letter+D+collage The letter D lapbook

Items 1 and 2 can be purchased here.

(iii) the letter D colouring book (free printables)

(iv) her dolphin threading learning aid (from JG)

(v) her dolphin artwork done at JG (this makes a pretty cover page for the file!) icon smile The letter D lapbook

(vi) a ‘dress’ she decorated at JG
Here’s the lapbook:
 The letter D lapbook   The letter D lapbook

Notice the string at the top left of the file (right pic): it’s to hold the threading dolphin in place

The upper and lower case of the letter D were cut out from one of her art pieces.
 The letter D lapbook
The interior of the lapbook: 
I stapled the last page of the colouring book to the file and taped the envelopes containing the various items to the file.
 The letter D lapbook
The dress she decorated is slotted in behind the colouring book

Do you like our lapbook? icon smile The letter D lapbook

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