The letter D lapbook

The letter D lapbook comprises of:

(i) Duck-egg counting game

(ii) the letter D collage

Items 1 and 2 can be purchased here.

(iii) the letter D colouring book (free printables)

(iv) her dolphin threading learning aid (from JG)

(v) her dolphin artwork done at JG (this makes a pretty cover page for the file!) 🙂

(vi) a ‘dress’ she decorated at JG
Here’s the lapbook:

Notice the string at the top left of the file (right pic): it’s to hold the threading dolphin in place

The upper and lower case of the letter D were cut out from one of her art pieces.
The interior of the lapbook: 
I stapled the last page of the colouring book to the file and taped the envelopes containing the various items to the file.
The dress she decorated is slotted in behind the colouring book

Do you like our lapbook? 🙂

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