New protein food option for the tot

Was at the wet market the other day and the yong tau foo stall assistant recommended this product to me:
This pack costs me $2.50 (200g)
If you eat chawanmushi, you may have come across these cute pieces of fishcake before. The other option apart from pandas was stars and I held both in front of Alicia for her choose and after considering for a short while, she decided to go with the pandas.
These pieces of fishcake aren’t quite the normal fishcake we eat. They are less salty as they are packaged for children and they claim to be high in protein. 
Naturally Alicia was very taken by the appearance of the fishcake during dinner but she took a long time to chew and swallow them… sigh. I’m sure that doesn’t really happen with other kids though. They taste fine to me and I think she may just be consuming these because they are cute rather than for the taste. She was quite excited to bite off the ears… the eyes.. the mouth… and she asked ‘where’s the nose?’ *faint*
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