My beautiful fairy

We borrowed a pair of fairy wings from my niece for my princess for an upcoming annual staff dinner (coz the theme is something along the lines of ‘out of this world’).

After her bath the other night, Alicia insisted on wearing the fairy wings and she happily posed for a photo with her daddy:

Usually she poses for ONE shot. And that’s it.

The rest I have to get by snapping wildly away and hoping that I get some beautiful pics.

This time, I think I got quite a few! *happy*

Hi there! I’m a fairy! Can you tell?
I can FLY!
I love my new furry wings…
Pretty little fairy… taking a break from flying…

The back view of the wings
The tech-savvy fairy…

She forgot about the wings already… too busy i-phoning

Obviously, she ain’t gonna wear this Elmo PJ to the party… my aunt just bought a beautiful dress for her to go along with the fairy wings! 🙂

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