Julia Gabriel PlayClub (Term 3 Week 8)

Last week’s lesson at JG was really quite different. And the difference was that Alicia finally agreed to speak to her teachers. 😛 Usually she doesn’t say a word to them but she will whisper quietly to me in class. I guess she’s just not comfortable to speak to people she’s not familiar with.

Well, it was also the first time she’s been asked for an opinion during class time. Her teacher who was demonstrating the artwork for the day asked her if he should put 1 or 2 scoops of glue for the craft and she pondered for awhile, then said TWO, enthusiastically, but raising the wrong number of fingers… lol. She usually raises the correct number of fingers but I think she was so excited (coz she actually jumped up from my lap to answer the question), she just raised her whole hand instead.

During the demo for art, the teachers will also usually say ‘stop!’ when they stop putting the glue/ glitter/ paint. Right after the teacher finished saying ‘stop’, and when he was about to move on to say something else, Alicia again excitedly jumped up and shouted “STOP!” lol. Everyone was very amused with her that day. 🙂

Later while waiting to do art at one of the tables, she went to get her letter S stamp. The teacher asked her to say “please”. Usually she’d just look at him and not say a word. But that day, she went up to him, really close to his face and almost spat out the word “please” at him. Really hilarious. Subsequently she said her “thank you” and named the letter S and the sound it makes accordingly. The teacher said she has made remarkable improvement. Haha. Actually she has been able to speak, just that she doesn’t speak to him. LOL.

I wonder whether she’ll continue to speak up in class this week! 🙂

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