Julia Gabriel PlayClub (Term 3 Week 5)

It’s mid-term and the last week to withdraw from JG without forfeiting the deposit. Like I mentioned in my previous post about JG’s lessons, I’ve decided to withdraw Alicia from JG and so that’s what we did on Saturday.
After all that’s been said about the increasingly worsening teacher-student ratio and how I feel the class has become mainly about crowd control, I still think that the teachers are creative in their teaching ideas for drama time and art.
Here’s one of the pieces of art Alicia did last Sat. The theme last week was “three”.

A mobile made of 3 hanging fish (with 3 stripes each on the body)!

The other piece of art work was stenciling the chinese word san (three) on a sheet of paper (I’m too lazy to dig out that piece of work to take photos).
Waterplay was fun for her that day and she enjoyed music time too – it’s the first time this term that she started showing signs of enjoyment during that segment. I dunno why but she’s been really grouchy during music time for the past month of lessons. Well, I’m glad she finally went off to dance together with the rest instead of insisting that I carry her!
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