Two Sundays ago, we were doing our grocery shopping at NTUC and we came across two products that we thought might fascinate Alicia.

Here’s the first:

It’s not too expensive (I think it’s about $3 for a pack) and each piece of smiling potato is honestly bigger than I thought (it’s about 4-5cm in diameter). Simply place a few of these in a preheated oven (220degC) and bake for about 10min and they’re nice and slightly golden brown.

These can be served as a carbo option for the tot who needs, perhaps, a change in menu once in a while. Great for an occasional breakfast or snack: just serve alongside some greens or fruits and even a pasta sauce for a dip.

My fussy tot however doesn’t really fancy it. We think it’s not bad though. 🙂

There was a promoter for this product that day and Alicia said she wanted to try it, and so we let her.

She seemed to like it and so we decided to just buy one to try.

This is a German product and costs $9.90 per box but it was on offer that day and we bought it for only $7.90.

There are other flavours available but we thought we should stick to the Hawaiian option for the fussypot: she tried both the Hawaiian and the Salami pizza and she spat out the salami, so we thought, Hawaiian should be fine since it stayed in the mouth and eventually went into the lil tummy.
A note of caution though. As with delicatessen meats, the sodium content is pretty high so don’t overdose your tot with the pizza. 🙂 
The best part about these two products is that they are both to be baked at 220degC in a preheated oven for the same amount of time, so you can just toss them in together and wait patiently for that 10min. 🙂 Bake for a longer time period if you are baking more pieces of course.
As with most other things, Alicia decided that she doesn’t really like the pizza when she got home. Sigh. 
Waiting to be baked
Check out the thickness of the smileys 🙂

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