Alphabet Fun

This is a learning aid we bought during one of Takashimaya’s toy fairs and I think it was incredibly cheap (like about $7?) I really can’t remember but I was rummaging stuff in the storeroom the other day, trying to look for something and Alicia kept bugging me. Hence I quickly turned my attention to the stack of stuff we bought from the toy fair the other time since we bought some learning aids in advance then. Time to check if they were suitable for her learning now… and so, I took out this set for her to play with and she has been excited about it for the past week or so.

I’d say the great thing about this set of learning aids is that it’s self-correcting and hence if it’s not the right puzzle piece, the kid will know because of the bad fit.

Counting the pieces she’s put together…
Look at her cute pouty lips as she says “two!”
On the underside of the cover, there are a few suggestions with regard to how to make use of the learning aid but I think Alicia has her own ideas for now how she wants to use it. 🙂
Nevertheless, she has great fun with this set of learning aids and she’s very good with the puzzle already. Talk about appropriate time to take out this set of learning aids.
Nowadays she’d purposely place wrong puzzle pieces together and tell me it’s “wrong” and there is a big “hole” between the puzzle pieces.

I’m not sure if you still can get this set of learning aids from Takashimaya or its related toy fairs but you can keep a lookout for it the next time! 🙂

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