A-Z collage cum word-pic matching game

This learning aid was made due to popular demand. As most parents aren’t ready to invest in individual alphabet collages, I had lotsa inquiries about an A-Z collage cum word-pic matching game.

I finally got down to making this collage and I’m glad to say that it’s ready for sale and I’m ready to take orders for this learning aid!

In this set, there are 2 words per alphabet and if the alphabet has two different sounds, the words featured will reflect this.

There are a total of 52 pictures and 52 words. Only the non-velcro set is available.

You may use these cards as flashcards for the very young tots and subsequently lay them out on a flat surface and let the tot do the matching of words to the pictures when (s)he is older and is starting to recognise words.

As I’m currently running a promotion on all alphabet collages at the moment, this A-Z combo set is going for $52 nett (no further discounts on this item).

Picture of this product is currently unavailable. It does look similar to other alphabet collages I’ve published on my site thus far. 🙂

You can either order via the order form from my blogshop or simply drop me an email at simplymommie@gmail.com 🙂

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