Review of Eric Carle’s From head to toe

If you ever pick up any of Eric Carle’s books, you’d notice the beautiful illustrations and a very simple story line that a tot can easily follow.
This book From head to toe is no exception.
As you turn from page to page, you are greeted by an animal on the left doing an action and a child on the right, imitating that action. As you would expect, this spells great fun during storytime for the tot. It is truly hard not to get into the thick of the action together with the characters in the story!

While this book doesn’t quite transport the reader to a place less travelled or a mystical place, you can be certain that children will still be enthralled by the animals and their actions, and they will probably be begging you to turn to a certain few pages which excite them more and spontaneously imitate the actions..
Overall, it is a great book for teaching body parts, body movements and even animals! I even used iphone apps to show Alicia pictures and sounds of the animals mentioned in the book and needless to say, that added another element of fun and participation.
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