Julia Gabriel PlayClub (Term 3 Weeks 2 & 3)

Just realised that after blogging about Alicia’s birthday celebration at Julia Gabriel, I didn’t mention or include pics of her artwork done that day… The theme last week was “fish” and that explains the art pieces:

Painted with fingertips

Cover the fish body with glue then sprinkle the crepe paper followed by the sequins and sprinkle glitter
Swimming during Outdoor Play:

Week 3’s theme is “yellow” so yellow paint features prominently in her work:

Paint the turtle shell yellow, sprinkle soy beans on it then use the dotter to dot away!

This is supposed to be a clam, but it got crushed on the way home 😛
Scrunch up tissue paper into a ball and stuff it into the clam then stick eyes on it.
Paint the clam yellow on both sides and sprinkle glitter:

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