Julia Gabriel PlayClub (Term 3 Week 4)

We were the first to enter the classroom on Saturday – it’s been eons since we’ve been early for class! Somehow we managed that day and Alicia had a little more indoor playtime. 🙂
Theme of the week?

a crab that moves quickly
(you can place your thumbs behind the crab – there’s a strip of cardboard attached behind so your fingers can act as the crab’s legs)

A fast-moving boat at sea 🙂
The boat is attached to a disposable chopstick and the paper plate has a slit in the middle so you can move the boat horizontally!
Outdoor play was sandplay and she refused to go near the sandpits at all so off she scooted to the playground… when will she ever like sand? 🙂
Alicia’s class size is becoming larger and larger – and I’m really tired of beating the crowd to get her art done. These days, she refuses to play with the toys while waiting and insists on waiting AT the table and trying to get her hands on the artwork. Needless to say, that means lots of struggling as I try to get her away from the table…
Lessons have become very noisy and inconducive with the new kids taking turns to cry. And since it’s JG’s philosophy to not let a crying child leave the classroom, we’ve had to put up with lots of noise. Although I do understand their good intentions of teaching a kid to settle in and all, as a parent of a not-constantly-bawling-child, I find it difficult to concentrate as an adult, what more a 2-year-old?
The huge class size also means a change in the teacher-student ratio and to pay that amount for the term with such a ratio, I find it truly hard to accept. Besides, I don’t see Alicia picking up much from class this term. Perhaps it’s the class size. Perhaps. I’m really not sure. One thing I’m certain though is that she’s picking up a lot more at home so I think I should just save the school fees. I’m sure we have a better use for that money. 🙂 That said, Alicia and I have enjoyed the lessons and the teachers, and it was only after much deliberation that we’ve decided to withdraw after this term…
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