Her favourite pastime (for now…) and her newest achievement :)

Alicia really loves drawing and colouring these days and ‘draw’ and the different colours of her crayons are among the most used words of her vocab… Her current favourite colour is ‘white’ – I don’t really know why since the colour isn’t obvious on white paper – and she’d look for the white crayon purposefully and start colouring with it.
Recently, she also discovered the pens and markers in the drawer of the coffee table and insists that she must doodle with them too… and since she’s so into doodling, I gave her a book specially for her newest hobby – it’s an old unused planner which I’ve been keeping for her use 🙂

Watch her doodle (her grip’s getting better!):

Her newest achievement is grasping the concept of colouring specific parts instead of just doodling across the whole page. Though she isn’t able to colour nicely within boundaries yet, you can see that she has grasped that concept from these pictures:

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