Alicia’s 2nd birthday! (Part I)

We had a birthday celebration for Alicia at Julia Gabriel since she had class that day.
She enjoyed herself tremendously and we were glad to see her so happy 🙂
Here are the cupcakes I ordered for the celebration:

Beautiful little things… simple but still nice 🙂
The mini-cupcakes were just the right size for Alicia’s classmates!

Her teacher lighting the candles

The little one looking at daddy in excitement

Lit candles!

Alicia’s classmates

Singing the birthday song…
almost time to blow out the candles…
but that little girl in the pic blew out Alicia’s candles and Alicia cried 😛
But the teacher re-lit the candles and Alicia had her chance.

Our family photo taken by a friendly mummy

Cupcake distribution time!

Eating with her classmates
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