The Letter D – Counting game

It has been a long long time since I made learning aids for Alicia – the last I think was the letter C collage. 😛
I designed this counting game for teaching the letter D quite long ago… I had a few unlaminated pieces earlier on which I finally laminated together with the collage words and pics for the letter D. It’s all done… finally! 🙂 Time to move on to the letter D!!! Yeah!
Perhaps it’s because it’s been a long time Alicia’s seen new learning aids made by me so she was suitably impressed. She went ‘oh wow!’ when she saw this set of learning aids. 🙂

Fiddling with the learning aids before going to my mum’s place for dinner on Thursday

Quack quack!!!
She insisted on fiddling with the duck-egg game for the post-breakfast activity the next day! 🙂
This learning aid only helps with teaching of numbers 1-4 (hence, it’s for really young children just starting to count). It comes with the numbers (velcro-ed) on the duck and a corresponding number of eggs (velcro-ed to the nest). Hence, you can either get the child to identify the number of eggs in the nest by placing the right number on the duck or you can get your child to paste the correct number of eggs in the nest (the little velcro bits in the nest will serve as hints).
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