Father’s day gift for the hubs! :)

Did you notice that the card is in the shape of a footprint too? 😛
Made this little card on behalf of Alicia for hubby for Father’s Day 2010. Got the inspiration and the poem from notimeforflashcards.com.
Not having the appropriate materials to transform Alicia’s footprint into a keychain (as shown in the link), I decided to make a little card instead so that hubby can place it at his cubicle at work. I told him it’s to motivate him when he gets tired at work! 😛

Anyway, that was Alicia’s footprint when she was a couple weeks’ old – we had a very squirmy baby already back then as you can see from the footprint (not the exact size as I took a photo of the footprint). Wanted to get her current footprint while she was asleep this morning but the footprinting tool which we used back then was spoilt so I had to make do. It nevertheless made hubby very happy and when he came home today, I made Alicia pass the card to him and that of course made his day 🙂 And she even took the initiative to hug him after passing him the card (she told him ‘hug hug’ after giving him the card)…

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