Alicia’s first experience with TCM

Alicia was fine and well and showed no signs of falling ill at all but she suddenly came down with a runny nose on Monday night – right after my mil commented that she is a very healthy baby. Honestly, I’m not superstitious in general but when it comes to commenting on Alicia’s well-being, diet, and for upcoming events, I have to admit that I am, no matter how foolish that may come across to you. It happens every time my mil says something good about Alicia or if she tells her about some upcoming function. Alicia will surely fall ill. It’s been too many times to brush it off as a coincidence but anyway, things have been upsetting enough lately so let’s just leave it at that. In any case, I do not wish to have any unhappy, whiny posts on my blog so lets just keep it that way. 🙂
This is the TCM Alicia took from the range of products formulated for toddlers from Eu Yan Sang: ba bao san

The reason why I decided to let Alicia try TCM instead of bringing her to the Western doc this time? Actually I’m not sure why I made the decision. Perhaps it’s because Alicia’s phelgm always doesn’t clear fast with western med. Perhaps my understanding of chinese herbs has improved of late so I have greater confidence in chinese med…

Anyway, so I brought Alicia to Eu Yan Sang at Tiong Bahru Plaza on Tuesday to ask for advice. I read up on the products before going so at least I knew what was available should the assistant turn out to be not so helpful. Turned out that the supervisor there was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products 🙂 So all I needed to do was to tell her what symptoms Alicia had and when the illness started and my part was done! hee.

Well, by the time that I upload this post, Alicia has already finished the box of TCM (there are only 6 tubes of powder inside and 1 tube of powder counts as 1 dose for her age; to be consumed 3 times a day) and most importantly, just 1 day of taking the TCM, she was feeling and looking better! 🙂 Isn’t that what’s most important and what matters most to a mummy?

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2 Responses to Alicia’s first experience with TCM

  1. Hi Angie, hope that Alicia would be well soon. 🙂
    I like TCM too — it helped prevent my severe menstrual cramps in the past, whereas Western medicine could do nothing about it, only strong painkillers.

  2. Angie says:

    Hi MieVee,
    Thanks for dropping by and yes, Alicia has more or less recovered. Just hoping that there would be no relapse. 🙂

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