Advance birthday gift – birthday cake set

Alicia’s birthday’s coming up next month and my mum has already bought her her present and given it to her! Alicia loves to play with this birthday cake (her cousin has the same set). There are two birthday cakes in it: one that she can ‘cut’ into slices and the other sings a birthday song when activated and even cheers and claps after you ‘blow’ out the candles. The two cakes actually contain small parts so that kids can decorate it in the manner in which they like. Alicia doesn’t put things into her mouth anymore so it’s safe for her! 🙂
Alicia loves the toy sooo much she was still playing with it before she slept last night… carrying it with her everywhere she went. I know where she’s going just by listening to the sound of the singing birthday cake… lol.
Oh, and she sings along with the birthday cake sometimes… so cute… 🙂 the ‘birthday’ bit is a bit muffled but I always hear the “to you” loud and clear… LOL.

This is the set!

Helping to open up the packaging

Here’s the cake for ‘cutting’

The set comes with little teacups, saucers and spoons too!
*Someone’s so distracted she’s keeping food in her mouth again*
Here’s a video of Alicia playing with the birthday cake that sings!:

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