The fussy eater’s progress report

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I’d like to dedicate a post to elaborate on how my fussy eater has progressed of late.

‘Purist’ she is no more.
Yes, you’re reading right.
She has started to eat like a normal toddler where food can be mixed and served together. Earlier on I was sceptical that serving food together would actually speed up feeding time since the same amount of food was being consumed. But feeding her the past few days has shown me otherwise.

She can eat faster.
And the bottomline is that she’s becoming less fussy.
She’s become more willing to try foods, become less wary of what I was serving up to her and putting into her mouth, and she’s even not really that averse to spicy food. Just a few days back, I was eating chicken rice and she bathed a slice of cucumber in the chilli sauce and put it into her mouth. She didn’t even cry. Just made a bit of noise – then put the cucumber into her mouth again.
See? She’s a changed girl. If you remember my post about the steamed tofu with minced meat, I think that her performance that day – agreeing to eat rice mixed with minced meat and veggies – was the turning point. Since then, she’s agreed to cast aside her purist stance.
Another major change in her would be her willingness to drink fluids – which you would have noticed in a couple of my posts about drinks and soups. Previously, she refused any other fluids and other methods of drinking fluids other than latching on for her milk.
Finally, another change I observed in her eating: she no longer shies away from cold food like jelly and yogurt. The first hint of this change was at Julia Gabriel where she ate cold jelly during class. And just on Friday, I fed her jelly straight out from the fridge and she bore with the cold and ate the whole piece of jelly! And today, after our walk in the afternoon downstairs, she ate a little jelly for kids and a tub of Fernleaf’s Calci Yum yogurt. She hardly flinched upon tasting the cold food and in fact welcomed every bite of the jelly and spoon of yogurt.
The fussy one has finally progressed!
I hope she will further improve though I’m already quite pleased with her performance! 😀
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