Online videos – the less educational ones :P

The videos which are purely for entertainment:
(1) the Cadbury eyebrow advert

She will twitch her eyebrows too!!!

(2) Hippo and dog
She’d shout ‘who, who, who!’
She will shout ‘OW!’ at the correct parts… 😛
She will dance along, and try to imitate the actions of the dog….

(3) Gummibear
She will dance along with the bear…
She adds commentaries like, ‘crabs’, ‘Oh no!’, ‘drop’ (into) ‘CUP!’

More dancing from my little one to this catchy tune….

(4) Uh huh:

She’d shake and nod her head, almost violently, along with the person in the video in her attempt to imitate him… LOL

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