Julia Gabriel PlayClub (Term 2 Week 9 & Graduation)

Last week Alicia went for class with her daddy while I stayed home to clean the blinds, windows and do the routine vacuuming and mopping. The theme of that week was pink so lotsa things were in pink that day, including Alicia’s dress, and of course her artwork:
Cute little pig eh?

The kids had strawberry milkshake and Alicia had some too… I can’t really remember what else happened that day but apparently she made a mess in the car after class because she insisted on having her milkshake in the car and in the carseat all alone, while hubby was at the wheel. lol.

Week 10’s party week as usual and the kids will collect their ‘graduation certificates’. 🙂 The theme of the week was ‘fizz‘ and so there were lotsa bubble-related activities, including art!

For this piece of art (below), the teacher blew bubbles into the paint (with soap solution added of course) and used the piece of paper to scoop up all the bubbles for each kid. The kids could then burst the bubbles with their hands/fingers or just wash them pop. Then they used cotton buds to draw ‘bubbles’ near the fish… well, they’re supposed to be bubbles but of course Alicia had other interpretations.

This abstract art piece was done by sprinkling coloured powder with baking soda added then spraying vinegar at it using a spraycan. Due to the chemical reaction, there will be little bubbles! Of course that amused the kids. The only drawback of this activity was the excess vinegar which gets onto the paper so in order for the painting to dry properly, I had to tilt the paper so that the excess vinegar could be removed (which explains why the artwork looks like this) 🙂
Here’s Alicia receiving her graduation cert (she wasn’t as excited as she was compared to Term 1, in fact she was rather apprehensive):

This is Alicia before the party began… she went to survey the food first! haha.
Alicia playing the keyboard with her teacher during the graduation ceremony (she’d received her cert already so she was bored and checking out more interesting stuff):

Yeah! I got to play the keyboard while nobody else did! kekeke…

More about Julia Gabriel next term! For now, a well-deserved break for both Alicia and us!
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