Julia Gabriel PlayClub (Term 2 Week 7 & 8)

I only realised that I forgot to blog about Week 7’s lesson some time last week. Anyway Wk 7’s focus was on rice… but they didn’t get to eat rice though… haha. They did some art revolving around rice:

The container was painted orange on the inside to resemble curry then the kids sprinkled some rice grains in. The other is a ‘frying pan’ of ‘seafood fried rice’. 🙂 They also got to decorate chopsticks but Alicia wasn’t very interested in it so I was the one who did it for her.
As usual, she sat at the side during music time because she was still eating. Seems that it’s becoming a habit. Sigh. But she enjoyed herself nonetheless by joining in whenever she wanted by doing the actions, getting off the chair once in a while to dance and groove to the music….
Wk 8’s lesson was no different: she was still the spectator while chomping happily on her raisins. Hubby accompanied her on Saturday as it was Daddy’s Week. And so I sent them off: I watched her get into her carseat before I left for the market. Apparently she cried a little and looked around for me after that but she soon understood that mummy wasn’t going along with her to class.

Here’s the artwork she did with her daddy. She had great fun that day because the lesson revolved around ‘water’ – her favourite. They had a chance to clean up water from the floor with tissues, squeeze balloons filled with water, squirt water and art work was fun too. I’m not quite sure how they did all these but well, I have to say that these pieces of art look artistic. “P That droplet of water with a ‘w’ was given to each child after art and they got their little hands stamped with the ‘w’ too.
Hubby says he wants to go next week again…. well… maybe I’ll let him. Hehe.
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