Fun at Go Go Bambini playground

My sister-in-law drove Alicia and I to Go Go Bambini playground to have fun last Wednesday… of course Alicia’s playmate (my niece, Natalie) went along. It was an outing that both kids looked forward to and enjoyed thoroughly. I was so worn out after running around after Alicia at the indoor playground and I have to salute my 61-yr-old mum for being able to do so too!

Here are some photos I managed to take – without being too blur because the kids could hardly stop moving for me to get a proper photo!

Wow! So colourful!

Higher, Grandma!!! 😛

Wow… look at the playground grandma!

go go bambini playgroundWow… I can make music with my feet!

Down we go!

My sil and my cute, super cheerful nephew

I’m luving this place!


Lotsa steps for me to climb!

Wait for me, jie jie!


I love balls… but hate ball pits. I only came in because jie jie came in…


Mummy says it hurts her knees soooo much to crawl through with me!

Mummy’s growing old!

More tunnels! 

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