We took Alicia to Farmart today, thinking that it’d be good to expose her to a farm-like environment. However, the place was quite a letdown since it was really rundown and there was only a very small animal section with very, very few animals (there were only turtles, bullfrogs, some rabbits in shabby-looking cages and three mountain goats)…
Anyway, we were greeted by two beautiful, vibrantly-coloured lilies:
and a crimson dragonfly!

Taking in the sight of the flowers and dragonfly…

Evidence of someone being extremely clingy!

She was afraid of the turtles and bullfrogs… and while checking out the rabbits, we smelt the foul smell of….


Alicia had a tug-of-war with this old mountain goat…
and she only agreed to feed the goats again after much coaxing…

Daddy demonstrating that it’s perfectly fine to feed the little goat..

Agreeing to give it a try…

Still apprehensive, but only willing to feed the ‘prettier’-looking goat

Starting to enjoy herself… see that subtle smile

Someone’s finally smiling!

Feeding the other little goat

Feeding from a different angle

Darling Alicia, will you feed the old goat again?

Mummy, you feed the old goat first!

Daddy demonstrating again…

Alicia telling the goat to “ahhh….”, open mouth 😀

Ok, I’ll try to feed him… he’s been sticking his head out all the while! Poor goat!

Old goat super happy with the food….

Back to feeding the young goats

Daddy, I want to feed the old goat again!!!

Feeding from an elevated angle

Someone’s obviously enjoying herself feeding the goat!

Enough of goats… we end off the trip with a kiddy machine ride! 😛

Incidentally, someone was easier to feed last night… we wonder if she was inspired by the goats! 😀
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