Falling asleep…

Alicia has needed to nurse to sleep for most of the time after the bedtime routine of a bit of quiet play, sometimes a story when she wants one, time with some learning aid if she’s keen etc. In fact, it was a rare occasion in the past when she would be able to doze off on her own.

However, after one of her illnesses – the serious one that she needed to be nebulised – she was able to fall asleep on her own without nursing, albeit after crying, sometimes buckets. 😛 Nevertheless, that was a step towards being less reliant on the breast for sleeping.
In recent weeks, she has improved tremendously by falling asleep on her own in her cot after nursing at night. And so after the usual bedtime routine, she would nurse, then I’d cradle her in my arms and whisper sweet nothings to her… 😛 Hehe. I’d usually kiss her a few times, whisper softly, telling her goodnight, have a good rest, sweet dreams, I love her, and I’ll see her in the morning… 🙂 Then I’d put her into her cot and she’d fall asleep on her own – and she usually does. in about 5-10min.
I love my little darling… 🙂
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