Eating cheerios

Alicia and I have Cheerios with milk for breakfast most of the time since we started on it. I realise that breakfast is the only meal in which she can sit quietly and obediently in her chair for the whole meal. Recently she’s been getting her soft toys to sit with her in her chair while she takes her breakfast – and they must share the chair with her.
Anyway, this is how we usually eat our Cheerios: Cheerios in a bowl and milk in another bowl. I think she finds it very fun to pick some Cheerios and drop them into the bowl of milk then eat them. She usually uses her spoon to eat the wet Cheerios but I dunno why she kept using her fingers today… messy gal…

yum yum… see how big my mouth is? 😀

Mummy, will you stop taking photos of me when I’m eating?
I’m not gonna pose for you!

It’s finger-licking good!

Do you want some, baby bear?

Let me check how much is left…

Not much left, baby bear… I’m finishing it all!
Bear with it… 😀

The messy little kitten…
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