Playground and the importance of play!

I make it a point to fit play time into Alicia’s schedule so it’s not just always about learning this and that at home. A child is, after all, a child. And certainly there’s much to be learnt when a young toddler like Alicia gets to play! Read more about why play is important for young children here.
It’s not every day that I get to bring Alicia down to play at the playground because of her sleeping and eating pattern and habits. Most of the time it’s too hot to let her play at the playground… but today’s weather was marvellous: cool and cloudy.
Here’s Alicia enjoying every moment of her playtime:
Hmm, what happens if I sit on this…

let’s climb over this hurdle!

Tree bark… what’s its texture?

hmm… it’s rough…
Fiddling here and there!
Should I try the Challenge Ladder?
Or perhaps this?

I think I’ll just sit in this rocking ‘horse’… “rock, rock!”

What’s this flower doing on the floor… let’s take a closer look
Tired… let’s take a short break before we run off again!
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